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We have created the first professional line ever, aiming at pregnant women. During pregnancy a woman still wants to feel and look beautiful. At the same time she wants to take care of here hair, body and unborn child. All this is secured by using PURE mother to be ATTITUDE products.


100% natural ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil: Re-moistures hair and skin. It provides a natural smooth, shiny surface. It is a substitute for Silicons.

Propanediol: Moistures the skin and smoothen the surface of the

cuticula (hair).

We use: No color - No parfume - No petrolatum - No parabens​


100% natural ingredients, all over usage shampoo. Coco-glucoside is used as a mild natural cleaning ingredients that foams, smoothens without any skin irritations.
Glyceryl Oleate conditions the hair so even without the normal “extra chemicals”, the hair feels smooth and delicious. We use: No color - No parfume - No SLS / SLES - No parabens.



As the baby slowly grows the stomach stretches more and more until the baby arrives. After birth, most women’s body will return to the body they had before pregnancy.

PURE Mother to be ATTITUDE, Body Butter provides incredibly nourishment and moisture to the skin while growing with the help from Eco certified ingredients like Shea Nut Butter, Tocopherol and vitamin E activity. The Attitude Anti Stretch Marks Extract strongly decreases local inflammatory reactions, preventing stretch marks as a result of pregnancy.

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